Types of HONEY
Honey bees make honey from plant nectar. They evaporate much of the moisture and add enzymes that change the composition of the nectar to give honey its unique taste. The color and flavor of honeys differ depending on the nectar source (the blossoms) visited by the honey bees Honey color ranges from nearly colorless to dark brown, and its flavor varies from delectably mild to distinctively bold, depending on where the honey bees buzzed.

As a general rule, light-colored honey is milder in taste and dark-colored honey is stronger. Most of the types of are seasonal in India. However, due to our ample storagage facility with our temperature controlled storage enable us to supply uniform quality of honey throughout the year. Most of the varieties are available in mono floral as well as customized blend as per requirement.

Mustard (Rape)

Aroma & Taste : Characteristic taste
Special Characteristics : Generally crystallized, enjoyable qualities and has a low acid content.
Colour : White to light amber

Aroma & Taste : Strong taste and intense and persistent.
Special Characteristics : Has a medicinal value, mostly organic in nature.
Colour : From Extra light Amber to Amber

Aroma & Taste : delicate, light and waxy.
Special Characteristics : Sunflower honey crystallizes quickly, becoming soft and easy to spread.
Colour : Pale yellow

Aroma & Taste : Excellent in taste.
Special Characteristics : High Medicinal Values.
Colour : Varies to white to extra light amber


Aroma & Taste : having pleasant aroma, ascetical delicious flavor & taste.
Special Characteristics : High Medicinal Values.
Colour : generally light in colour
Wild flower honey

Aroma & Taste : Rich in aroma
Special Characteristics : Rich medicinal values and organic in nature.

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