Process of Extracting HONEY
We separate the process of getting honey from the hive to consumer into five different steps :-

  • Purchasing of Raw Honey from Bee Farms
  • Testing for natural quality and test
  • Filtered for unwanted materials
  • Filling in drums of 300.00 kg
  • Exports as raw honey and eatable honey
process Purchasing of Raw Honey from Bee Farms :-
In the honey season every year, samples are taken from the products of the beekeepers by our field collection staffs.. These samples are sent to the laboratory. Each container is serially marked giving full details of the beekeeper and his farm location.

Testing for natural quality and test
Every sample is analyzed to determine the applications done by the beekeeper (whether or not the bees were fed on syrup, addition of syrup directly into the honey, application of veterinary medicals to bees, etc.). If the samples of the beekeepers are healthy and natural according to analysis results, they are approved for purchase. The products that are purchased are subject to the same analyses in order to ensure their conformity with the previously sent samples.

Filtered for unwanted materials:-
Filtering of honey involves following major steps Decrystalization , Filteration & Homogenization After that it goes through flash heating and cooling units.

Filling in drums of 300. 00 kg
Finished material is packed in 300 kg epoxy coated drums Drums are coated with a food grade coating on the interior and an approved coating on the exterior. Our bulk honey division specializes in the bottling and packing of honey in industrial quantities, for use in the catering, food service and general industry.

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