What's The Buzzz About?
Well of course, the Pioneer Foods & Agro industry. It’s a 100% Export Oriented Unit of Natural Honey & Processed Foods. So it’s BEE-n making a stir with its propensity to sweeten lives of feisty children, tireless women, strong men and even otherwise-cantankerous old folk.

history What is it that makes them the king of this amber, gift-of-nature?
Several factors actually. What with having their own infrastructure to having a sprawling plant and well-run equipment. Their warehouse, processing machinery, storage paraphernalia and state-of-art Laboratory have not only been impressive to a honey-newbie but are also at par with the complete standards governed by European and American Governments. Another key factor is the vital presence of skilled internal employees, trained technicians, indefatigable workers and support staff.

Being the latest addition to the Group of companies, Pioneer Foods & Agro is operating from Kosi Kalan , India. Their aim is simple: that of fulfilling complete process requirements of importers from all round the globe. It is projected that this organization shall shortly be equipped to handle approx. 8000 MT of honey for export to UAE, USA and Europe.

Honey gives a new shade to the saying “in the pink of health” with its amber goodness contributing to the improvement of one’s being, beauty and internal mechanism. Its benefits to our current lifestyle are plenty, ranging from it being a source of energy to its antimicrobial properties that serve to make it a great skin moisturizer. Honey is a home remedy for many sicknesses and is much sought after for its immunity strengthening properties.

Pioneer honey is made through the toil of busy bees and busier bee-keepers, with care taken to attend to the needs of these yellow-black winged producers. The honey is preserved and bottled through a hygienic facility with specialists taking pains to ensure that only the best and purest form is what reaches the end-consumer. The ample storage facility with its temperature controlled environment enables the supply of uniform quality of honey and yet different varieties throughout the year. Most of the variants are available in a mono floral as well as in customized blend as per requirement.

Thus, Pioneer Food & Agro Industries brings you pure, premium-quality honey with distinct biological and organoleptic characteristics. We take our honey very seriously so that you may enjoy only the finest, sweetest and most quality-consistent of our products. We follow stringent checks to ensure the honey we supply adheres to all the quality norms of respective lands where our honey is so graciously received.
A feat worthy of the Queen Bee of the honey industry!

The unit is located at H-30, UPSIDC, Kosi Kotwan, Kosi Kalan Dist Mathura.

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